Screenupdating false not working

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For cells that are manually changed, you can use a worksheet change event to call a macro.

Be sure to protect your macro code to hide the sheet password. End(xl Up) If Is Empty(Last Cell) Then 'do nothing Else Set Last Cell = Last Cell. Row End Sub Note: You may want to reset the last cell For many tasks, there might be a faster method than looping through all the cells, but if you need to loop, you can use For Each... In this example, the font in each cell is changed to bold.

To see the steps for removing this warning, please watch this short video tutorial. The next time you record a macro, the toolbar should automatically appear.

When it gets locked up like this, I can still do anything in the VBE (edits cells, run macros, etc.) with no problems.

I've made sure that screenupdating is turned back on at the end of every procedure.

If I go into the VBE, I can manually run procedures and they all work fine.

When I click anywhere (trying to select a cell, or an excel menu item...clicking anywhere in excel) I'll get the a 'ding' system sound and nothing will happen.

BUT, if I use the keyboard arrow keys, I can see that the active cell selection moves accordingly.

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