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And, while it’s a broad generalization, people with higher incomes do tend to live happier and less stressful lives than those with low ones.

Someone who takes the time to look at a face will — at a rate far better than chance — be able to see this repeated happiness and therefore judge that person as being of a higher social class.

“That’s the most surprising part of the study to me.” Curious as to how the undergraduates were able to complete the task so successfully, Rule and Bjornsdottir next isolated specific facial features that might be cuing income status and conducted another test.

Mouths were found to be the best wealth cues, although eyes were a strong indicator of income as well.

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“Crow’s-feet around eyes refer to contractions of their reticular oculi muscles, which are activated when someone smiles,” Rule explains.

“I didn’t think the effects would be quite as strong, especially given how subtle the differences [in the faces] are,” Rule says.What the authors eventually discovered, however, was that more significant than any specific “Once we figured out it was these subtle emotional expressions, it makes a lot of sense that the mouth would be showing most of that, because the mouth is what you mostly use, especially with positive emotions, like smiling,” Rule says.The perceivers were also homing in on the eyes, because eyes, too, are strong indicators of happiness — especially as indicators of repeated past happiness.The photos were sourced from dating websites from major U. cities, and the researchers removed all identifying signs from the faces — cropping them, standardizing them in height, and putting them into grayscale.All of the faces were also free of tattoos, piercings, or other markers.

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