Six degrees of dating

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In November 2007, he created a group on Facebook called Six Degrees and invited all of his friends to join.

His initial results weren't promising as only 20 friends joined his group. As those friends invited their friends, who in turn invited their friends, Jackson's list grew.

After a shocking surprise, however, their picture of the young man changes, and the couple try to piece together the connections that gave him access to their lives.

In the online world of social networking, the theory of six degrees of separation is evident by the number of connections made through sites such as Classmates, Reunion, My Space and Facebook.

The Show: Six Degrees of Separation Playwright John Guare" class="man hover-fade__fader" src="" style="width:100%;" tells the story of Ouisa and Flan Kittredge, a wealthy New York couple who take in Paul, a young man who cons them into believing he’s a friend of their son at Harvard and the son of Sidney Poitier.

After they discover his lies, Ouisa and Flan piece together his true identity and their connection to him, as well as the similar encounters their upper class friends have had with Paul.

This is made possible by the handful of athletes who have had professional careers in more than one sport.

For example, I’ve used the app to see how many steps separate Adrian Peterson (who’s played in the NFL since 2007) and George Mikan (who played in the BAA and NBA from 1948 to 1956). Similarly, only eight steps separate Babe Ruth from Anthony Davis.

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