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They will encounter a changing Irish football climate with talks ongoing between the FAI and clubs over the administration of the league from 2019 onwards.The Irish Independent has learned that the FAI and clubs have discussed a plan where a new organisation - essentially a partnership between both sides - would take control of affairs.Legal representatives from the US side have been carrying out due diligence on the project, and Dundalk's owners have refused to comment on the state of play with talks at a delicate stage.

During mid 19th-century building work near Palmeira Square, workmen levelled a substantial burial mound.The latter option was identified as the preference, although that is by no means a unanimous view, and there is a road to travel to reach agreement on how that might even operate.It's believed that one potential scenario would involve FAI employees transferring across to work for the new entity.The Manor is currently serving as a pub-restaurant and whilst it was once on open downland, it is now surrounded by the 20th-century Hangleton housing estate.In 1723 a traveller, the antiquary John Warburton, wrote, 'I passed through a ruinous village called Hove which the sea is daily eating up and is in a fair way of being quite deserted; but the church being quite large and a good distance from the shore may perhaps escape'.

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