Statistics on length of dating before engagement

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I ask any wide variety of topics including those which I linked in the questions and topics to talk to your prospective spouse article in conjunction with general conversation about life.Masculine behavior and teasing is obviously mixed in with this.This means that a relationship should always be “progressing” and if it ever is not leading toward engagement or marriage then it would be stagnating.Overall, I think 3-4 months in the minimum period before engagement and should not be longer than 12 months.

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Any thoughts on any of the other topics that go along with engagement and marriage such as rings, weddings, and relationship concerns?

My job’s alright and if I get my act together (and even while I’m still kind of a mess), I haven’t had to ask for hand outs and can support myself (well, I have a roommate I’m not related to. ) I decided that if we’re together for a year, we should definitely be discussing engagement/marriage but I’m basing this off of absolutely nothing.

For me the way I approach things now is with women is that I ask them out on “dates” but then I start vetting them right away in terms of questions to get to know them via contact with text, e-mail, or online conversation.

Although people who have dated for less than 12 months enter marriage on a high note, they generally marry for more superficial reasons and are more prone to ignore potential problems, write psychologists Sylvia Niehuis, Linda Skogrand and Ted Huston in their article “When Marriages Die: Premarital and Early Marriage Precursors to Divorce" for NC State University's Forum for Family and Consumer Issues.

Having too long of an engagement has also been correlated with a higher divorce rate.

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