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Remember: Every step outside of your comfort zone is a step towards happiness.

Text summarization can be defined as a process that takes a document (Intellexer Summarizer) or set of documents (Intellexer Multi-Document Summarizer) as input and outputs a shorter document (summary), which contains its most important content and main ideas.

That’s why today I’ll show you how to increase the quality of your Tinder matches tremendously — and thus increase your odds at finding love.

Especially not their own experiences, because let’s face it, most of them suck. Because contrary to common belief, good things can come from online dating, if you use it right that is.

Intellexer Summarizer’s unique feature is the possibility to create different kinds of summaries: Intellexer Summarizer is available as component of Intellexer API or Intellexer SDK and as Desktop Application Intellexer Summarizer receives a source document and passes it to the Intellexer Preformator which extracts plain text (along with text formatting information – headers, links, etc.), detects document structure and language (using Intellexer Language Recognizer).

Extracted text is received to the Intellexer Linguistic Processor which provides syntactic and semantic processing.

Yet, finding someone to spend the rest of your life with is tough.

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Online dating has come a long way from being “the weirdo way of meeting people”.And while there’s tons of guides out there that help you “fix your Tinder game”, none of them can fix the game itself. The trick is to limit your choices by putting a quality filter on online dating.They don’t address the real problem, because they all just help you to put better pictures up. Put another way: Would you rather go on a 100 normal dates, out of which 20 are decent, or on 10 great dates, 2 of which leave you completely amazed?It was tough a 100 years ago, and it’s still tough today. Nowadays, with the internet, you have access to billions of people. In case you don’t know what Tinder is, it is a smartphone app that shows you facebook profile pictures of people in your surrounding area. If you both like each other’s picture, you are a so-called “Match” and can then chat via the app.Here’s what’s wrong with this app specifically: With so many profiles and pictures to look at, we of course swipe right (which means Yes) on all those pretty peoples’ pictures.

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