Talking dating kids

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My kids As the weeks go on and they learn and grow a little more, their thinking shifts and their answers change.After going through the questions once, I might put them away for a month or two and then pull them out again.Print them all right away or just save them to a Pinterest board for your kids and you’ll have them for later. )I usually start the conversation by asking a question or making a comment and then let them talk while I listen or ask a follow-up question. ” And occasionally, I’ll share a personal experience or something silly.However, after a couple nights, your kids might realize that this is the perfect time to talk your ear off and they might want to talk so much you only get to ask them one question! But for the most part, I want my kids to feel heard! You want your kids to be able to go to bed on a happy note, so make sure that any conversations you have stay positive!You can decide how in-depth you want to go with each question.If you are just getting started, you might be able to speed through one strip of five questions per night.So we’ll usually give hugs and kisses to everyone and then we’ll each cuddle up with 2 for 5-10 minutes and have one-on-one time to talk, tell stories, have a tickle fight or just snuggle depending on what that child needs that night.Now we can easily pull out these fun conversation starters to vary the discussions we have with our kids!

We actually went through a few different category strips! (You might want to PIN this so you’ve got these tips to refer back to whenever you need them!It is more important now than ever before to make time for meaningful conversations with our kids!In fact, our kids NEED to feel heard and have the chance to express themselves.I definitely learn a lot about my kids using these fun conversation starters.And I love that these are not a one time use and then done.

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