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Regardless of my overall feelings for the show I think the fact that Jay is on this show--and Tom was on Pepa's show--is still pretty important for blasian relations for a few reasons.

For one, these shows are from the perspective of black women and here we have Asian men pursing them.

But it may also allude to the fact that he's not the show for long.

It's not that shocking to see white men on going for black women on these type of shows.

I admit I haven't seen much of The Bachelorette but I check out enough Asian blogs to know that given the number of seasons the show has had, their haven't been many--or any--Asian men on the show.

An Asian guy makes it on Pepa's only season and another one makes it on the second season of The Ultimate Merger.

The Ultimate Merger strives to be more similar to The Bachelorette than those shows which has featured a bevy of skinny white women.

For the guys, it puts more Asian men on the radar of black women.

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