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His orgasm might well be more automatic and guaranteed, but that doesn't mean he doesn't find certain sexual behaviours a complete turn off.

Indeed, men hate it when women are too noisy when they're in earshot of others, scratch his back and are too self conscious about your body.

Researchers, who surveyed 3,000 women aged between 18 and 50, found the average woman has slept with eight men, but was drunk with at least five of them.

On two of these occasions they couldn't even remember the man's name the next day.

The survey found that treasured possessions helped raise a smile at least five times a day for three quarters of those polled.

Other items among the top 20 included a favourite pair of shoes, Vaseline, concealer and mascara.

As in adopting the 'dead starfish' position and not moving a muscle.

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More than half of women polled claimed drinking with a prospective partner was 'part of the dating process' so they were bound to be a bit drunk when they had sex.Close on the heels of being too noisy is being too noisy, too soon.Over-exaggerated moans and groans when you've only just started kissing makes him one hundred per cent certain you'll fake it later.It was also revealed 14 per cent of women in a relationship can't face sleeping with their partner unless they had a couple of glasses of wine beforehand.Kathryn Lakeland of Femfresh, which carried out the study, said the results showed how women are severely lacking in confidence.

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