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After splitting up from her boyfriend, she's been hanging out with the wrong crowd and been doing things she really shouldn't have been doing.With Kendra's parents out of town, she has invited a few friends over to party.That’s when her friend Sarah steps in to give her a helping hand.They had only met a few months ago but really hit it off.Her eyes close as she rubs the fleshy folds of her pussy, and she pants erratically as she speeds up her finger action.

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She is tired of living check to check and really needs something more.

The stud walks in and kisses her hand, showing her respect the way she likes it, so to reward him she has him sit down.

Pulling out his hard cock, Cristina gets on her knees and gives Ridge a blowjob, then brings him to the bed for some more naughty fun.

Yes, even her husband wants it to happen, and he wants to know all of the details about it afterward.

And when Tasha's handyman mike is over to do some work, she knows she's found the one.

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