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Can he really still countenance his ex-wife remaining under his roof?

Yet Fergie has nowhere else to go and the Duke, a good father to his daughters, will not want to see her homeless.

This self-inflated figure (he was only a captain) with a weakness for cheap women probably did Fergie the greatest disservice of all by introducing her to Prince Andrew, on the rebound from his long affair with the actress Koo Stark.

'She thought by marrying Andrew she could have it all,' says a friend.

Fergie has remained angry and frustrated by the fact that her opposite number Princess Diana scored a colossal divorce settlement while she herself got little more than an annual payment based on Prince Andrew's pay as a serving naval officer - not his vast inherited wealth.

We have a number of schemes available to help you out when you need, we have already help thousands of customers when they are struggling to pay their bills. Clearly you have never considered the damage you are doing us all. ' So wrote Princess Margaret to the Duchess of York almost two decades ago: her words ring just as fresh and true today.Selfish and stupid from start to finish, Sarah York will probably never comprehend the damage she has done to the Queen, to her ex-husband, to her children.You can sign up for ebilling which will allow you to pay your bill, view your current and previous bills, receive billing notifications and have paperless bills. We offer our customers a number of ways to pay their bills including direct debit, online card payments or bank transfer, over the phone, in person or by post. If you need to chat through your bill or have any questions please give us a call on 03 (minicom users: 0345 605 6 585) or email us on [email protected] majority of our customers have their sewerage services provided by Wessex Water.

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