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How do they get massive quantities of records pressed with little or no cash, and how do you get them to the record stores and other radio stations across the country? They had the means to afford to press the singles, and a record distribution network in place, not to mention the contacts needed to make it all happen.

This page has mostly hit records that started out on a small record label with a big dream, then went on to a big label, with a big budget, and services rendered at a cost to that big dream.

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Then they needed to create the label name and artwork, and press up some vinyl.

From there, get it to the radio stations, accompanied by small piles of cash.

Then, if the record hit big, they had an obvious problem, that was not so obvious when they started.

From Los Angeles, Henry Bellinger and Johnny Lageman made up the Duals.

They cut this record originally for the tiny Star Revue label in 1961.

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