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He came back next day and asked again if I would remove it.

I said I would cover it up when coming on the property.

The people that I have interacted with are unwavering in their stance that this training is at their location only.

How can I address this issue with the company or my management that will show that I am not getting this training because I can not go there to get it… I feel like emailing up the food chain at the company to see if I can get something accomplished.

I have not told my management of this problem because doing so could directly affect my employment (even though it is not supposed to).

I work in an environment where anything less than extremely professional is not acceptable.

It is known that they have the capability to train remotely, they just wont.I explained and he asked if I would take it off since some people had told him they found it offensive and embarrassing.I said I would park at the end of the lot and face it away from building.I have tried to get the company to train me online.They do it for many of their other training classes.

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