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Among them, Academy-Award and Golden Globe winning actor J. I think I coped with it in a cool, organized way and a lot of hard work, though at times there was nervousness and insecurity; and this is normal, when you have to do with such vital parts like the script, direction and acting in front of the camera.

Not only because Christopher, a multi-talented screenwriter, director & actor has been such a popular name for years and is one of Greece’s most successful artists, but also because I have grown up watching his series and movies. His films have of a Woody Alen kind of twist, but at the same time, they are always very unique and distinct.

A place where love can thrive, even in the darkest hour.

Set in modern day Greece, Worlds Apart is comprised of three separate narratives each following a love story between a foreigner and a Greek.

You can always tell you are watching a “” film, as Christopher has a way of describing love (especially forbidden love), passion and addiction like no other!

Through his cleverly spinned love tales, he has sent many girls – including myself – on a “wild goose chase”, looking for a “-love story”!

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