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The nasty skewers all over her body are a bit much for me, but the curling iron up her pussy really makes it special.

I was able to do a restore back to a previous time-point, and the virus was gone. Pedro, to me, what makes your brand "elite" is the reality of the whippings and pain. good acting, good looking actresses, good props) it's more powerful to me than actually hurting someone for real. One can only hope history repeats itself when Lenny Kravitz joins Katy Perry.

--------------------------------- A Canadian: Nice job on the new FA war rape movie.

Even though you call it disappointing, I look at your caps and see all those tied-down or held down Japanese babes getting raped and it looks like a worthwhile watch for me. posted a picture about a year ago of the always lovely Candle Boxxx ([ralphus.net]).

I knew about the whipping scene of Jessica Alba in , either, although I've seen a poor quality version of the all-female rape scene. Netflix doesn't carry it, but you can get it for about 6 bucks at Amazon. Some wonderful, full-throttle sexual sadism there, and I like the story structure with the boyfriend/husband (I forget what he is) getting the updates.

I couldn't even tell what she was being penetrated with. --------------------------------- The eagerly awaited scene: First off, I appreciate the fine editing job by JD. I think Mish-Mish was playing with the idea of doing a structure like that.

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